We decided to share with you are letter from a journalist who has covered the story last year about water damage after floods in South Carolina.

Read What Impression Has Made On A Seasoned Reporter

Roser Dominic“First of all, I want to say that in years of my career, I have never seen or covered anything like this. That being said let me also mention that I have been in the Balkans during the 1990s and I am not a news reporter that covers happy topics. Still, the things I have seen in South Carolina affected me in a psychological way and changed the way I think about every day we get.

I have seen people struggling with this powerful force of nature – water, which has obliterated and annihilated any human work. This force has come down on these people and their homes when they haven’t even expected anything like that. It was something no one could prevent or fight. Of course, the best strategy was just to head out thinking everything will eventually come to an end and try to endure.

This powerful force of nature seemed to be punishing people who had not deserved it, or expected it. This is so much different than doing a war story. While wars are caused by people, when seeing the situation in South Carolina it became very clear to me, that nature has been and remained the strongest force, much stronger than people and much more spine-chilling, because it comes down to people when they least expect it and for no apparent reason.

Still, my heart was genuinely moved by all the people who helped each other and those who decided to donate help to people affected by natural disasters in South Carolina. I have never seen such compassion, such sense of belonging, such comradeship, which stirs powerful emotions. I wanted to believe there were still good people in the world, but this is the first time during my career that I was able to see them and talk to them.

Water Damage Of South CarolinaAlso, these people did not consider themselves as heroes. I talked to this man (he did not want to be named because he explained he did not do it for the publicity of it) who said that he did not see himself doing anything special. He was offering a helping hand, but he did not think he was anything better for it, nor did he do it for any anterior motive but to help the people who were so unfortunate to go through this very difficult situation. He regretted the fact he could not do more, and in addition to that, he was just one person I had interviewed, as I am sure there have been many other who were just like him – ordinarily humble heroes who truly saved someone’s day.

So, this is a story about heroes it seems. Everyone involved in this situation is truly heroic, those who had put on brave faces and struggled with their situations and those who chose not to ignore it. I truly stood amazed after everything I witnessed and I truly believe I will never be the same myself ever again, as I am sure none of them will ever be the same either.”